The Internet is quickly becoming the over-whelming front-runner for searching and buying real estate:

  • 84% of prospective home, condo, townhome, et. al., buyers begin their search on the Internet.
  • 79% of Internet real estate buyers pick their real estate agent online.
  • Internet real estate consumers chose to view 50% fewer homes in person before buying their piece of real estate as a traditional buyer.
  • Internet real estate buyers are younger, wealthier, and buy more expensive homes than ever.
  • Multiple photos, slide shows, and Virtual Tours are the highest rated online real estate features.
  • Perceived value of homes that are listed with a Virtual Tour is 12% higher than those real estate listings without Virtual Tours or some type of photographic expression.

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According to The Tax Foundation, Montana’s State and Local Tax Burden is Well Below National Average Estimated at 8.6% of Income

The Montana state tax and Montana local tax burden percentage ranks 40th nationally, well below the national average of 9.7%.

Montana taxpayers pay $3,158 per capita in state and local taxes.

Montana has dropped 22 places since 1977, primarily by maintaining a zero rate on general sales.

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Montana State Tax Collections: 2007 (Amounts in thousands)

Total taxes 2,319,992

Property taxes: 201,825
Sales and gross receipts: 530,159
General sales and gross receipts X
Selective sales taxes: 530,159
Alcoholic beverages 25,669
Amusements 60,179
Insurance premiums 63,060
Motor fuels 210,693
Pari-mutuels 136
Public utilities 40,674
Tobacco products 91,470
Other selective sales 38,278

Licenses: 308,304
Alcoholic beverages 1,665
Amusements 4,988
Corporation 3,023
Hunting and fishing 47,076
Motor vehicle 150,082
Motor vehicle operators 8,560
Public utility 14
Occupation and business, NEC 85,425
Other licenses 7,471

Income taxes: 1,011,623
Individual income 832,916
Corporation net income 178,707

Other taxes: 268,081
Death and gift 755
Documentary and stock transfer X
Severance 264,740
Other 2,586

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